Private label reed diffuser
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Home fragrances with your LOGO

If you are looking for reed diffuser / home perfume to be implemented with your logo, packaging or any ideas that you wish your product to be, you are in the right place. We promise you a high quality product for reasonable price.

We have “ready to order” solutions for your 200-2000 unit private label and we can accompany you during the whole design of new OEM product from fragrance selection to packaging solutions. 


Why this product for my brand?

Reed diffuser is an effective way to fill homes or offices with nice and unique scents.

Reed diffuser of your brand is an original and practical gift for your business partners, employees or it can become a product that reaches retail with your brand. 

What is it?

Aromatic oil filled into a nice bottle. Closed with a stopper. Complemented with a set of reed sticks.

Packaged into a nice packaging with your design and other attributes.

Elegance and effectiveness

Reed diffuser fills the area of 20-40 square meters with pleasant scent. We use only fragrances from attentively selected fragrances houses from France and Germany.

The fragrance lasts for 2-6 months depending on volume and maintenance.

Our Process of Private Label

Information & Concept

First of all we make sure we are on the same page regarding product concept (brand attributes, pricing, segment). We are experienced marketing specialists, we will offer reasoned concept for your product. We regularly update our knowledge participating in design/packaging/perfume fairs and conferences. We know trends and we can advise.


We can prepare full product design or propose realization adjustment for presented design concept. Main topics: product, packaging, fragrance. In this step we usually send fragrances samples. We have experience with packaging and we have flexible local partners for packaging solutions. We work with printing business for many years.

Prototype & testing

In this stage we test new fragrances and choose optimal solvents for your product. We strongly recommend to invest in preparation of final product prototype. Many good adjustment come from it.

Production & restock management

Our products are hand made and production requires proper planning. Our processes are optimized and usually we are able to fulfill restock orders very fast.


50-200 units – usually wedding/event gifts

Selection from existing prepared sets (bottle, cap, sticks, fragrance, packaging).

Limited customisation:

  • Printed logo or message on sticker on packaging
  • Sticker on bottle
  • Ribbons, mini flags, other customisations
200-2000 units – usually company gifts for employees/clients

Everything included in the 50-200 units customisation.


  • Full printed packaging with your design
  • Tampography possibility on the bottle 
>2000 units – OEM reed diffuser with your logo

In such cases we organise development as a project. 

Concept (target, brand, pricing) → Design (product, packaging, fragrance) → Prototype (product, packaging, fragrance) → Production → Further restock orders

We will support you in every step of OEM development:

Concept – we are experienced marketing specialists, we will offer reasoned concept for your product. 

We regularly update our knowledge participating in design/packaging/perfume fairs and conferences. We know trends and we can advise. 

We have experience with packaging and we have flexible local partners for packaging solutions. We work with printing business for many years

Design elements for sets


We keep 6 different shape bottles on stock
Round bottle
Vase bottle

Octagon bottle

Squared bottle

Cylinder bottle
Colored cylinder bottle

Reed sticks

Black fiber sticks

White fiber sticks

Big black fiber sticks

Bamboo sticks


Vertical packaging

Packaging “Window in the box”

Horizontal packaging

Premium black

Additional design elements

Ribbon and sticker on the packaging

Ribbon and sticker on the bottle

Ribbon and paper card on the bottle

Tampography on the bottle

For Inspiration

  1. Round bottle, white fiber sticks, vertical packaging, paper card and ribbon

2. Round bottle with tampography, black fiber sticks, vertical packaging
3. Squared bottle with sticker, black fiber sticks, packaging “window in the box” with black ribbon and sticker
4. Cylinder bottle with black ribbon and sticker, black fiber sticks,  packaging “window in the box” with gold foil
5. Vase bottle with tampography, white fiber sticks, packaging “window in the box” with sticker
6.  Squared bottle with sticker, black fiber sticks, horizontal packaging
7.  Squared bottle with sticker, white fiber sticks, horizontal packaging
8. Squared bottle with sticker, black fiber sticks, packaging “window in the box” with full print
9.  Round bottle, black fiber sticks, packaging “window in the box” with silver and gold foil


Our perfumes comes from best carefully selected fragrance houses from France and Germany. We have stocked broad palette of different fragrances and every year we add few from newest collections.

For private label project overs 2000 units we are ready to bring new fragrances. For all projects below 2000 units please choose the fragrance from our palette:


Mysterious, deep and tempting aroma. It will fill your surroundings with charisma and oriental luxury. Scent notes: ambergris, pelargonium, incense, vanilla.


Orange with some spicy peppers is beloved by almost everyone. It infects positivity and stimulates your mind and body activity. This characteristic citrus aroma will create a vivid sensation and grant an optimistic approach. Scent notes: orange, cinnamon, ginger, verbena, mahogany, apple.


Delicate, lightly sweet and attractive odor fills environment with refined elegancy. Environment filled with this aroma looks more luxurious, is more likely associated with good taste and harmony. Scent notes: notes: sandalwood, orange, vanilla, rose, jasmine, tonka beans.


The fragrance of flowers, fields and freshness with delicate note of fruits. Warm, cozy and exceptionally pleasant aroma. Scent notes: magnolia, apple, melon, jasmine, vetiver, cedar.


A very rich and bright aroma seduces the nose with sweetness of vanilla, bitterness of wood and tobacco chords and softness of honey. Creates a feeling that you are enjoying your time in unforgettable trip to Cuba. Scent notes: rum, tobacco, absinthium, sage, musk, honey, wood, coumarin.


The fragrance will give you romantic and gourmet experiences, will create exciting memories. Scent notes: honey, milk, caramel, flowers, peach, citrus, santal, patchouli, tonka.


Delicate floral and fruity aromas will carry you away to a green summer garden where fresh aromas invites for a fresh nap on the soft moss, relax from stress and everyday worries. Scent notes: jasmine, violet, apple, rose, black currants, peach.


Ever since Ancient times vanilla is considered to be the oldest aphrodisiac. It diffuses sweet, warm and creamy scent, which creates a romantic and cozy mood. Scent notes: vanilla, flowers, candy, coconut, balm, cream


Sweet, tempting, sugary aroma, perfect for the spring-summer season. This aroma creates a playful and very optimistic mood. Scent notes: raspberry, caramel, vanilla, pansy.


Its is the fragrance that does not leave anyone indifferent while smelling it. A nice mixture of tangerine, cinnamon, vanilla and a drops of some spices will fill your home and heart with a friendly touch of Christmas miracles and warm feelings. Scent notes: orange, cinnamon, pastries, vanilla, clove, love.


This fragrance will fill your home with the desire to smile and enjoy every moment of your life. Scent notes: wine, grapes, floral, orange, spices, fresh, fruity, sweet, musk.


A mysterious, warm and rich aroma for the evening. Sensual and luxury, for people how love stronger smells. Scent notes: Cedar, honey, rose, vetyver, iris, patchouli, musk, vanilla.


Luxurious and mature fragrance. Voluminous note of oak wood is nicely revealed by tonka and musk, which gives the aroma more character and sensuality. Patchouli and rose enrich this result with vitality and romantics while amber gives the oriental accent and the impression of magnificent luxury. Scent notes: amber, rose, leather, spicy, woody, oak wood, patchouli, vanilla, woody, musk, tonka.


A refreshing and stylish fragrance with a dominant note of patchouli will make your nose sensors dance. Fresh and green patchouli, energetic mandarin, expressive bergamot, sensual cedar, luxurious amber, mildly sweet sandalwood and sensual musk create an exclusive, modern and delicate scent melody. Scent notes: mandarin, bergamot, patchouli, cedar, amber, sandalwood, musk.


Expressive and attractive fragrance that charms in the most romantic way. Nice combination of sweet, fresh, floral, woody and oriental notes creates an exquisite scent that will enrich the room with a touch of aesthetics and a sense of styling. Scent notes: orange, black currants, green, cotton candy, strawberry, jasmine, iris, flowers, vanilla, tonka, musk, patchouli, oak moss.

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