ODORO MOOD Collection
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Home fragrance that contains a MOOD  formula for your home or other beloved space.

Which one is your home?

You can play and experiment with different moods in your home: choose one for the bedroom and completely different one for your kitchen!Perhaps you will choose one fragrance in the autumn and a different fragrance in the winter?
Play with the scent and the mood ODORO fragrance creates!
It’s not just a bottle! Try it!

Collection has 8 different fragrances  Get to know their moods!


I am dedicated for a home which welcomes lots of positive energy. I will inspire you to be more active and cheerful. I will also increase your enthusiasm for new experiences and remind you to always believe in your own strength and in a beautiful tomorrow.

Scent notes:
orange, cinnamon, ginger, verbena, mahogany, apple.


I am dedicated for a home which prefers elegance and aesthetics. I will fill your stylish space with a breath of tender luxury and exclusivity. I will make you feel charming and prosperous and I will inspire you to see and to create more beauty in your everyday life.

Scent notes:
sandalwood, orange, vanilla, rose, jasmine, tonka beans


I am devoted for a home where harmony and romance is a must-have sensation. I will enrich your home with natural vitality, clean coziness and a sense of flower fields. I will embrace you with a magnificent feeling of freedom.

Scent notes:

magnolia, apple, melon, jasmine, vetiver, cedar.

I am devoted for a home where joyful music and enjoyable conversations never stop. I will cultivate a sense of bohemian relaxation and luxurious dusk. I will inspire you and your guests to relax, share the stories, dance and live like it’s the last day of your life.
Scent notes:
rum, tobacco, absinthium, sage, musk, honey, wood, coumarin.


I am dedicated for a home where festive mood is welcome all the time. I will fill your air with carelessness and delight. I will remind you to celebrate your life whether it brings you ups or downs, to emphasize the moments, to smile, to share feelings with others, to dance or to do something a little bit crazy.

Scent notes:

wine, grapes, floral, orange, spices, fresh, fruity, sweet, musk.


I am dedicated for a home which emphasizes sophisticated luxury and uniqueness of interior. I will grace your residence with Oriental mystery and an expression of a unique taste. I will inspire you to pursue your charismatic exclusivity.

Scent notes:

ambergris, pelargonium, incense, vanilla.


I am dedicated for a home where everything is about love. Love for life, food, experiences, people, fragrances. I will fill your air with gourmet and romantic feelings and moments to remember. I will encourage you to see beauty in small things.

Scent notes:

honey, milk, caramel, flowers, peach, citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, tonka beans.

I am a fragrance of the most wonderful celebration of the whole year. The festive formula that lies in this bottle will fill your home with an unforgettable Christmas mood! I will encourage you and your family for cozy hugs, deep laughter, sharing the fond memories and delicious food. You will feel a lot of love in the air!
Scent notes:
orange, cinnamon, pastries, vanilla, clove, love.